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Why Use A Bookkeeping Service

Cam Scott, Scott Bookkeeping Service OwnerHello, my name is Cam Scott. Over the last thirty years I have been involved in various aspects of the management of several business offices, prepared taxes for a major tax firm, and have assisted my husband with his business bookkeeping needs.

During the years that I worked as a tax preparer, I met many independent business people who were very talented in their line of work - offering many needed services to the public. Unfortunately, many of those people were not proficient at record keeping. In most cases they put in long hours running their business and had little time or energy left for organizing the receipts for their purchases and sales. By the time they were ready to fill out their income tax forms, they often didn't have the paperwork necessary to claim some tax deductions they were entitled to take.

I met small business owners who had previously been audited by the IRS because even though they had taken legitimate expenses, they didn't claim them properly on their tax forms. Through my experiences in tax preparation and as a home based business owner myself, I have learned steps to follow which help prevent the "red flags" that can trigger an IRS audit.

I can provide as much, or as little assistance as you need. Your records can be stored on your home computer or on our system, where they will be kept confidential and protected with regular back-ups.

If you feel like your records aren't being kept as accurately as they should be or that you might be making tax related errors or possibly missing out on certain tax benefits, Scott Bookkeeping Service can help. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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